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Thanks for taking the time to visit Learning to Lead an Imperfect Family. I am thrilled you are here. I am a Christian husband and Dad who is still struggling to learn to love, lead, and nourish my large (there are 12 of us) family for the glory of God. Every day is both a […]

I truly believe being father to a family of any size is a calling directly from our Lord…a privilege and a calling. — Josh Rodriguez

Fathers, you are never alone.

Someone's got your back...

Fathers, you are not alone.

Their facial expressions tell the whole story. Their first reaction will range anywhere between subtle surprise to absolute horror. “You have how many children?!!?!” Once the initial shock subsides, their face gently slides to relief. But only for a moment before plunging to guilt and maybe even a little pity. “And I feel overwhelmed with […]