Best Intentions

Way back in my days as a Procurement Coordinator (fancy title, huh?) for Heilig-Meyers Furniture Company, we often had customers that needed warranty repairs on their furniture. While we sold some pricey pieces, the majority of the sale items that made it to the front page of our ad were simply junk. Helig-Meyers had a […]

How Being a Creeper Brought Me Closer to My Kids

trampoline, closer to my kids

I don’t usually like to focus on the weaknesses and shortcomings of others. I have plenty of my own to fill up these pages. And while that may be painful, if becoming vulnerable and stripping off the facade brings just a little encouragement to those struggling to Lead their Imperfect Family (hint: we all are), […]

“After these messages…

We'll be ri-i-ight back."

Remember that little jingle from back in the day. Saturday morning cartoons were the best! I have been silent as a tomb here since before Thanksgiving. Unforgivable, I know. There are a myriad of reasons why. A few of which you can read over on Facebook. But I won’t bore you with my complaining.   […]

So who else loves being called Dad?

It's pretty great isn't it?

They called me...Dad.

By today’s standards, I was young. Some would say I was too young to get married at only 20 years old. It seems the average 20 year old today is still learning to lace his shoes correctly. Pile on the responsibility of marriage and most would probably run the other way. It makes me feel […]

7 Simple Ways to Have Great Conversations With Your Kids

Starting with "We need to have a talk..." is not one of them.


A month or so ago, I posted Six Reasons to Share More Meals Around Your Dining Room Table. I hope some of you have spent a few more dinners at home. If you have, share your experiences here or on Facebook. One of my goals for this blog is to have conversations with you all […]

Autumn Treasures

and how quickly they are gone

autumn girl

“Look, daddy, look what we found.” Sunni and Jessie stood right beside me. Visibly thrilled about their newfound treasures. In one hand, Sunni was holding a old beat-up Kleenex box. It was full of…something. Actually, it was full of a lot of somethings. The quick glance I gave it wasn’t nearly long enough to figure […]

From a busy Mother’s heart…

lotsa kids

VERY SPECIAL GUEST POST!! Vikki wrote the following for our church newsletter earlier this year. I loved it so much I told her I had to post it on the blog. She doesn’t really care for the spotlight, but reluctantly agreed. So, here is my wife’s debut blog post (and probably her last unless we […]

You are not rich, Daddy.

Beg to differ, Little One...


“Why do you have your pinkie like that? You are not rich, Daddy.” Vikki teases me about it all the time. Jenna makes sure to remind me of my faulty floating finger–she is good at reminding me of my faults. I have to admit, yes, for reasons I don’t fully comprehend, my pinkie finger on […]

How to avoid Girly Middle-School Slapfests

An Imperfect Dad's struggle with anger...


Seventh grade was not a good year for me. I was the short kid. I was the chubby kid. My pants were either too long or too tight around the waist. (Wait, was that seventh grade or last week??) I suppose I was also dealing with some anger issues. Your school had tether ball poles, […]