About Josh

Hello, my name is Josh Rodriguez. You have landed on my blog, www.jnoahrod.com.


I am a Christian husband and Dad who is struggling to learn to love, lead, and nourish my large family for God’s glory. As Victoria, my wife, and I walk together on this wonderful path God has called us to, we pray you will find encouragement, laughter, healing, and hope as we share from the wonderful experiences God has given us.

Who my blog can help

I write primarily to men who are leading imperfect families. Which would mean every dad, right? But that doesn’t mean only dads visit my site. Moms, Grandparents, Aunt, Uncles, and just about everyone that is part of a family will find encouragement and inspiration.

What I Blog About

I write to encourage and inspire Dads who are struggling to be better dads today than they were yesterday. It is my desire to assist and support Dads who need a shoulder to lean on. Someone that understands and appreciates their struggle.

Here are some of the topics I write about:

  • Being a Dad
  • Raising children
  • Having a Godly home
  • Nurturing and raising a large family

Here are few of my most popular posts:

Whether you are a family of two or twenty-two, I think you will find something for you in our successes, failures, and stumbling about as we Learn to Lead our Imperfect Family.

There is little room for perfection in families. Our flaws and quirks are what truly make us unique. And those attributes, no matter how strange to outsiders, are what draw us closer together. And one of God’s desires for families is that their hearts dwell as close together as possible.

Thanks for reading. Please come back often.


Josh R