Lead, Dad. Lead.

Hi all, Welcome to the new website!!!

Well, it isn’t really new. Just updated the look and brand because of the new direction I am heading with writing.

Dads are leaders. (so are Moms, but that is for another site)

We lead. At our places of business. In our churches. In our Community.

But before we can effectively lead any where, we have to start at home. Let’s learn how to lead together. Right here.

The new heart of the blog is simple:

Lead, Dad. Lead.


Dad-deVotionals! Every week right here!

I am super excited about this y’all. (Yes, I just said, “y’all”. I live in the Midwest, right?)

Starting this week, I will be posting a weekly devotional for Dads! Dad-deVotionals, I like to call them. (See what I did there? Daddy = Dad-de, clever right? Ok, never mind.)

Just a little encouragement, based in Scripture, from my heart to dads. Being a dad is difficult and we could all use a little help now and again.

So come on back every week and share with other Dads that could use an encouraging word.