Broken Things

It is kinda funny. Most people wouldn’t think so. But I do. When you have a lot of kids in a relatively small living space, things don’t tend to last very long. I have a little phrase that I like to tell people when talking about my super sized family: “I have two types of […]

I quit…for reals.

That’s it. I am throwing in the towel y’all. I am tired. I am drained. I am through. I am spent. No more.  The…horizontally challenged female is singing her tune and I am drinking it in like Anne Shirley in a pasture of fresh spring blossoms. Calling it a day. Done and done. You have […]

Dad-deVotional on hiatus!!

Will come roaring back next week

Hi all. Hope you are all having an awesome week and escaping the heat wave that seems to have blanketed the entire U.S. Man, its hot!! I will not be posting a weekly devotional this week as I am on a short “sabbatical”. But, don’t worry, Dad-deVotional #2 part 2 will be up next Friday […]

“After these messages…

We'll be ri-i-ight back."

Remember that little jingle from back in the day. Saturday morning cartoons were the best! I have been silent as a tomb here since before Thanksgiving. Unforgivable, I know. There are a myriad of reasons why. A few of which you can read over on Facebook. But I won’t bore you with my complaining.   […]

Beware the Warm Cozy Arms of Bitterness

You have to Let it Go!

So I recently had a rather heated discussion with my son about a situation that created some tension around the Rod household. Ok, it was less a discussion and more of an argument. Not one of my proudest moments as a parent for multiple reasons. Far from perfect remember? Now let me stop here for […]