Dad-deVotional on hiatus!!

Will come roaring back next week

Hi all. Hope you are all having an awesome week and escaping the heat wave that seems to have blanketed the entire U.S.

Man, its hot!!

I will not be posting a weekly devotional this week as I am on a short “sabbatical”. But, don’t worry, Dad-deVotional #2 part 2 will be up next Friday for all to enjoy. As well as a bonus post earlier in the week!

I have been working on a few new ideas here on the blog and hope to go through somewhat of a “rebranding” next year. I am thinking about changing my theme and mission statement. I am not planning on changing what I write, except that I want to be more open and a little more vulnerable and perhaps raw with my writing style.

I hope and pray that you are inspired and encouraged by what you read here. My true desire is that you gain even a little help and support as you become the dad you kids need you to be.

More on that later. 🙂

Anyhow, expect two more blog posts next week.

Until then, check out a couple of my most popular posts:

I hope you have an awesome weekend. Stay cool.


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