Dealing with #daddyfails

Dad-deVotional #3 - The Dad's Sustainer

dad devotional

Philippians 1:6 (NKJV)

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”

Failure is big business these days. Been on YouTube lately? #fail #instantkarma #failvid

How many hours have you burned watching fail videos on YouTube? Go ahead and admit it. They are funny. No, they are hilarious.

Think about it. Why are they so funny? I am pretty sure most of the people end up in the emergency room or at least urgent care.Why do we derive such pleasure from watching others fall out of trees or wreck their 4x4s? Why does our culture find so much entertainment value in the failures of others?

Do we enjoy fail videos because deep down inside we relish the failures of others? Are we cheering the downfall of others because it makes us feel better about our less daring, more boring existence?

“Nah”, you say. “I just think people smashing their face against concrete is side-splitting funny.”

Ok, fair enough.

Beyond silly YouTube videos, it does seem our current society salivates at the thought of reporting failure. The media loves to publish stories about the failures of celebrities, politicians, ministers, the wealthy, or other influential individuals. Top of page stuff right there. Click bait extraordinaire. Which translates into a ton of ad revenue. The almighty dollar, baby.

But we are the ones that read those stories. We tap “Like” or some other relevant emotion. We are the ones to share, retweet, repost, etc.

So maybe we do love to watch others fail.

Now what about those #daddyfails?

I could probably fill up half of YouTube if I could somehow transfer my #daddyfails into digital video format.  Looking back on 17+ years of being a dad, it is often difficult to see past my failures and mess ups.

And, no. They don’t make me laugh.

Like I really wish I would have spent more time with my oldest son, Kris, when he was younger. He was nine when Vikki and I got married. We could have played catch more. Tossed the old pigskin more often. I should have taken up fishing a lot earlier. Like when he was a boy. (We actually went fishing a couple weeks ago and had a great time. Better late than never, right?)

Or I should have made more time for him and Kristen when the babies started coming almost once a year. They deserved better. They deserved more. I often think about that. There was so much more I could have done while they were home.

Thinking about failure hurts.

There is a Christian song that came out a few years ago by MercyMe called, “Dear Younger Me”. Bart Millard bemoans the fact that he was a little clueless as a younger man. If only I knew then what I know now. If only I could tell my younger self a thing or two. If I could just go back and teach myself something, I might have been able to avoid the failures I endured. I might have been a little more victorious.

You ever feel that way. If only…

If only I had not to taken that job that sucked away all of my energy and consumed my thoughts day and night. If only I had bought a less expensive car and not put my family in a financial bind. If only I had not lost my temper and said those hurtful words. If only I would have listened a little more and yelled a little (lot) less.

If only…if only…if only. If only I wasn’t such a failure.

I have a feeling we are on the same page right now.

I drag around a Uhaul full of “Daddy If Only’s” every day. Perfect Dad is definitely not on my resume, nor will it ever be.

Even though our failures and slip ups may burden our hearts as dads and bring us discouragement from time to time, we can find encouragement in the Scriptures. Cue up Philippians 1:6:

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”

Let’s break that down a bit…

Being confident = no doubt necessary. It is taken care of. Simply trust One who is on your side.

He = Our Lord.

A good work = in the context, your salvation. But in a broader sense, any good work that the Lord has begun in your life. Fatherhood and being a husband and leading a family definitely included.

Will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ = literally until the very end. Sweet completion.

Here is another Josh paraphrase, “Guys, I’ve got this covered. I made you a Dad. I made you a husband. I have gifted you with the children and wife you have. I even made YOU!! I started you down this path and will carry you to the end if necessary. Trust me!!”

“If Only’s” and mess ups and blunders and flat out failures included…at no extra charge.

He understands. You see, Absolute Perfection understands the imperfection of His children. He knows we “are but dust”. He gets us. Better than we get ourselves.

He even gets those #daddyfails.

So you see, dad, your Father is cheering you on. Strengthening you, guiding you, and giving you the nurturing and support you are striving to give to your children.

He just doesn’t make nearly as many mistakes. Actually, He doesn’t make any.

Every experience, every failure, every lesson, every pain has brought you to where you are now. They are the steel that will sharpen and hone you into the man God desires you to be.

Know this: In spite of the pile of failures you have racked up over the years, the One who started you on this awesome adventure of fatherhood is the same One Who will strengthen and sustain you if you will simply trust in Him.

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