I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. My favorite subjects as far back as the first grade were creative writing and journal time. I can still remember some of those stories I wrote way back when. (No, I will not tell you what they were about. At least not today.) I remember when I was 7 made a New Year’s resolution that I would write two books that year. (not gonna tell you about those either, yet. By the way, they didn’t get written.) Later on in high school, I loved writing poems, short stories, and compositions for English and competitions. Loved it! Especially when others read and enjoyed it.

Then, for reasons I have not been able to pin point just yet, my pencil fell silent. For a decade I didn’t really think much about writing. Life pretty much pushed it off of my radar. Sad.

It wasn’t until just before my 30th birthday that I remembered my love for writing and how much joy it brought me. So I began a blog, and it was short lived. Its remnants are still floating around the Internet somewhere I suppose. I also started writing a (several) novel(s). I didn’t finish it (them). Long story, my new writing life since them has been full of ups and downs and its own share of inconsistency, lack of discipline, and flat out laziness.

Until now. You found my new blog. I have written a few children’s books that I will begin pitching to agents soon. I have written multiple pieces for my church. Things are looking up. I am rediscovering my love for this fine art and loving every minute of it.

Most of all, I am thrilled that I will have great friends like you along for the journey.


Unpublished Children’s Books:

The Rod Family Kids Series

  • Princess Puffy Eyes – Picture book
    • A heart tugging story about the beautiful relationship between a dad and his daughter that grows up too fast for a father’s heart.
  • Happy Lou – Picture Book
    • The story of a little girl who knows exactly what she wants, but is not gonna tell you. No way!
  • If All the Things I Like Were Free – Picture book
    • An ambitious little boy imagines his domination of a world in which all the things he likes are free. At the end of the day, he realizes the best things in life are probably not available at the toy store or the mall.
  • More works in progress